5 Ways Laser Treatments Can Benefit Your Skin

As you age, your skin becomes prone to common skin imperfections and signs of aging. Although topical treatments may be recommended at some point in your life, they often become powerless to your complications over time. Although nighttime lotions and rejuvenating masks are critical in rejuvenating your skin, they seem to cause only a slight difference every day. But, with laser treatments, you can get more dramatic results no matter the condition of your skin. Dr. Mila Rubinshteyen, MD, a Brooklyn, NY aesthetician, at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center, is highly experienced in laser treatments and can help you get a complete rejuvenation of your skin. This will come with the following benefits.

Tight and Youthful Texture

As you age, collagen and elastin production in your body decreases which may cause loose skin and loss of laxity. Most people at this point seek plastic surgery options for solutions. But, you would instead consider laser treatments than go under the knife. Laser treatments can allow your skin to rebuild collagen in a safer and more gentle treatment, naturally. This saves your body the stress of harsh recovery from the surgery. Titan, laser genesis, and active FX laser resurfacing are some of the treatments that can help tighten your skin’s texture giving you a youthful glow.

Smooth, Even Tone

The sun is sweet, and everyone loves spending quality time in the sun during summer. However, this may sometimes come with a cost. The summer glow may leave behind pigmentation, discoloration, and sunspots, affecting your appearance and how you feel about yourself. Besides, you may develop these issues even without the sun as your skin will lose its ability to maintain even tone on its own over time. But, the good news is that through laser treatments, you can erase the skin imperfections easily and naturally. Photofacials and Active FX laser resurfacing treatments can help you.

No More Wrinkles

Wrinkles happen gradually as you age, and there is no magic product that can prevent them. While you smile or make other facial expressions, the fine lines and wrinkles on your face become unavoidable, but they can be irritating and unwelcoming when you look yourself in the mirror. Laser treatments work to allow your skin to remain smooth and wrinkle-free. The laser energy applied during your treatment stimulates collagen production and allows the blood vessels to constrict and function as they once did.

Elimination of Blemishes

Acne scars of your youth and other scars on your face can take away your confidence and lower your self-esteem. As you age, these imperfections are not quick to dimmish, and they can even become worse in your adulthood. Although several topical products can work temporally, you will need a more permanent solution, such as laser treatments like laser genesis and active FX laser resurfacing. These options will restore your skin’s function and get rid of stubborn scars and blemishes.

Restoration and Rejuvenation

All laser treatment options offer your skin complete restoration and rejuvenation. You get back a smooth, glowing, thick skin that improves how you feel about yourself, making the smile on your face the focal point rather than the imperfections. This will also improve the quality of your life, boosting your overall well-being.

If you are tired of trying topical products to fight your skin imperfections, do not hesitate to contact your provider at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center. Explore more about how laser treatments can benefit your skin from the experts.