5 Things to Look for When Purchasing CBD E-Liquid

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabis extract that has a lot to offer. It’s one of the most potent active compounds found in the hemp plant that has vast therapeutic potential. Studies have shown that it can be useful in treating a variety of health conditions: insomnia, chronic pain, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and PTSD, to name but a few.

Considering its wide array of applications, it comes as no surprise that CBD’s available in many shapes and forms. It’ is available as edibles, oral drops, and tinctures, and it can even be found in skin-care products.

However, the most efficient way to get CBD into your system is by vaping it. The compound gets easy access to your bloodstream through the lungs, so its effects are felt within minutes when vaped.

But, you need to find the right CBD e-liquid if you’re to reap the full benefits of this compound. So, let’s see what you need to look for when purchasing your CBD e-liquid.

Check the Nicotine Content

If you’re a cigarette smoker who’s looking to quit the habit by vaping CBD, some nicotine content in the e-liquid can be beneficial. While quitting cold turkey is usually more effective, you could avoid some of the highly uncomfortable nicotine withdrawal symptoms by gradually reducing your nicotine intake.

With CBD e-liquids, you can precisely control the nicotine content. Your vapes can be as strong or as weak as you’d like. Depending on how much you used to smoke, you might want to try high nicotine CBD e-liquids, then gradually reduce until you eliminate your dependency. Just make sure that the nicotine in your CBD e-liquid is naturally extracted and pure.

However, if you’re not a smoker and need CBD e-liquids just for medicinal properties, you need to pay close attention to the e-liquid you’re buying.

You can easily find nicotine-free CBD e-juices, but since many of them do have nicotine, it’s easy to make a mistake when purchasing your product. So, always double-check the list of ingredients and buy CBD e-liquid without nicotine.

Find the Required CBD Strength

When buying CBD e-liquids, you’ll see the CBD content expressed in milligrams. The more milligrams of CBD you have compared to other ingredients in the e-juice, the more potent the CBD effect will be.

Now, you’ll want to determine your preferred CBD dosage beforehand. Since CBD has a different effect on each person, this takes some trial and error. It’s best to start with lower CBD content then work your way up if you’re not sure about the correct dosage for you and your condition.

If you want more control over the CBD potency, you might want to buy regular e-liquid and a separate CBD additive. This way, you can easily modify your dosage and find the perfect CBD concentration.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the type of CBD extract you’re buying. You’ll have three choices:

  • CBD isolate
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Full-spectrum CBD

CBD isolate contains only CBD and no other hemp extracts. It’s pure and potent.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains other hemp-derived compounds except for THC and brings the renowned entourage effect. Full-spectrum CBD brings all the beneficial hemp compounds, including trace amounts of THC. It’s not enough to get you high, but it gives you everything that hemp has to offer.

Look for the Right VG-PG Ratio

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are used as bases for all e-liquids, including the CBD variety. PG has low viscosity and carries the flavour of the e-liquid much better. This means that it also offers a stronger throat hit, something you might not enjoy if you’re new to vaping.

VG has a higher viscosity, so you won’t feel the flavour of the e-liquid as strongly, and you’ll enjoy a much smoother draw. You’ll also get thicker clouds, so if you want to perform any vape tricks, a higher VG ratio is the way to go. You can easily find high VG e-liquids on sites like https://www.gosmokefree.co.uk.

Independent Lab Testing

When purchasing CBD e-liquids, only get those products that have been tested by third parties. Independent lab testing is crucial as it will show whether the product is of high or low quality. Of course, high quality is what you’re looking for.

Independent labs are unbiased and will offer reliable information about the product, its purity, CBD concentration, and other ingredients. You’ll also learn about the CBD extraction process, how the product has been handled, and more.

A Good Flavor

Finally, it would be best if you look for the right CBE e-liquid flavour. Pure CBD tends to have an unpleasant taste to most people. It’s strong, earthy, and slightly bitter. If you don’t enjoy this, you can find both unflavoured and flavoured CBD e-liquids.

CBD e-liquid flavours come in a wide variety, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like. Mint, blueberry, coffee, bubblegum, all these are popular flavours. Since you have countless options, you should experiment a little. Try different varieties, mix and match flavours for unique results, and play around.

The Bottom Line

CBD e-liquid can help you fight a variety of different health conditions and can improve your overall well-being. It’s only vital that you find high-quality CBD e-liquids that can give you what you’re looking for.

So, now that you know what to pay attention to when purchasing CBD e-liquids, you can buy a product that you can enjoy and is suitable for you.