5 Things to Know About the Dr. Berg Stress Kit before You Buy

We all get stressed from time to time but it’s the degree and frequency that differ from one person to another. Stress refers to the physiological or physical response to a particular pressing demand (a stressor). The stressor may be fear, trauma, a challenge, work, or an exercise routine.

Stress can be positive if it helps you improve your performance or prepare better and it’s short-term. Nonetheless, you should be worried about long-term stress as it affects your health, sleep, and social life.

It’s important to detect stress early and manage it. This will ensure that you sleep calmly and wake up refreshed. One effective approach for stress management is using the Dr. Berg Stress Kit. Before you buy the stress kit, you should understand a few aspects, including:

  1. The Stress Kit Has All the Basic Things You Need to Manage Stress

The kit comes with a self-massage tool, a sleep aid formula, adrenal and cortisol reliever. The self-massage tool is meant to help you perform acupuncture on your body. The sleep aid formula is meant to help you sleep better while the adrenal and cortisol relief formulation is meant to reduce fatigue and mental stress.

  1. You Can Pay Less for the Stress Kit on Coupon Cause

You are entitled to a $30 discount code for Dr. Bergs Stress Kit at CouponCause.com. This is a significant reduction considering that you buy the kit for $124.85 directly from drberg.com

Dr.Berg Stress Kit

  1. You are Offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Dr. Berg boasts of over 25 years of chiropractic experience. He has produced several products for stress management and weight loss and this kit is a highlight of the doctor’s proficiency. In the last few years that the Stress Kit has been in use, it has received tons of positive reviews. Moreover, you are provided with a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the performance of the kit after buying.

  1. The Stress Kit is Designed for Self-Use

You practically do not need help to use the Dr. Berg Stress Kit. Everything in the kit can be self-administered. You can use the acupuncture device to get rid of the physical pain in your neck and back on your own. The formulations (adrenal and cortisol reliever + sleep aid formula) are also easy to apply on your own. In addition, the kit comes with a video tutorial and a step-by-step PDF guide to help you use it like a pro.

  1. The Stress Kit Will Work Better with Other Stress Management Practices

There are other reliable ways of relieving stress and they are meant to complement the Dr. Berg Stress Kit. They include:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Talking to a professional counselor
  • Staying connected with friends and family
  • Taking a relaxing activity like yoga or meditation

The above tips give you the basics that you need to use the Dr. Berg Stress Kit effectively. With a better application, the kit can help you get rid of stress significantly. You basically do not have to suffer mental worries or physical pain when you have the kit around.