5 Easy Health Tips for Teens and Young Adults

If you’re a teen or young adult or have a loved one in your life who is, check these 5 easy health tips for teens to keep fit and strong

Did you know that 1 in 5 teens will suffer from depression before reaching adulthood?

When you also factor in that 1 in 3 Americans are overweight or obese, we need to take a hard look at why so many youths are in trouble.

Whether you’re a parent or a teen yourself, learning how to nurture mental, physical, and emotional health is crucial for a successful future. Check out these top 5 health tips for teens to learn how you can revitalize your lifestyle.

1. Mental and Physical Health Tips for Teens: Practice Yoga

If you want to know how to stay fit and healthy without spending hours at the gym, look no further than adopting yoga into your daily routine. The best part is that you can do it for free in your home with the help of professional videos online.

Yoga combines the best aspects of exercise with cardio, muscle toning, and increasing flexibility. Yoga also teaches us how to meditate and look inward for calmness. Even a quick 15-minute practice can leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and healthier.

2. Get Educated on Sexual Health

Once we reach puberty, our sex hormones kick into overdrive. Instead of trying to shame teenagers into abstinence, the smarter approach is to educate them on safe sex and healthy relationships.

If you’re a parent, try reading some sexual health articles for teens with your child and discuss the material after. Openness in your relationship will encourage them to come to you for advice that can help keep them safe.

If you’re a teenager who engages in sexual activity, it’s important that you always use protection and complete regular STD testing. Many diseases show no symptoms, which is why testing is necessary. If you’re shy about going to the doctor, you can try the best at home STD test instead.

3. Make Sleep a Priority

One of the most overlooked tips to stay healthy is getting enough sleep. Teenagers require more sleep than adults because their bodies are going through many changes. Some studies recommend aiming for as much as 9.25 hours of sleep.

Adequate sleep can reduce your risk of mental illness, boost your immune system, help you maintain a healthy weight, and more. If you’re skeptical, learn about all the ways that sleep can make you a new person.

4. Reduce Your Consumption of Animal Products

Teenagers often feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Learning healthy diets for teens is the best way to boost self-esteem and overall wellness.

America consumes the most animal products in the world, and we’re also one of the unhealthiest countries. An optimal diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed fats, and plant-based proteins like tofu and beans. Many Asian countries have maintained this diet for centuries and they continue to boast the slimmest populations worldwide.

While you don’t have to make the full transition to a vegan lifestyle, incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet can improve your health significantly.

5. Abstain from Alcohol and Other Drugs

Becoming a fit teen involves much more than eating right and exercising. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol will keep your body and mind performing at its best.

Although experimenting is common in youth, your actions today can follow you for a lifetime. Even though alcohol is legal at 21, our brains aren’t finished developing until we’re 25. Excessive drinking is harmful no matter how old you are.

Learning about the consequences of drinking and doing drugs can help you make better decisions for your wellbeing.

Ready to Live Your Best Life?

Now that you know the best health tips for teens, you can focus on taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

If you want to stay up to date on tips for adopting a healthy, happy lifestyle, Life Tips is your ultimate resource. For more helpful information, be sure to explore our blog.


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