5 Commonly Told Myths About Root Canals

Almost everyone develops anxiety and fear when the doctor suggests root canal treatment. This is usually because of the stories that spread about the procedure. Despite the uncertainties, this may be the only appropriate procedure in case you develop a severe cavity or hit your mouth against a hard surface. Brooklyn City Dental offers a variety of oral treatment services including root canals in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. Book an appointment online today. Here are five common myths about root canal treatment to equip you with more accurate information in case your dentist suggests the procedure.

  1.     A root canal removes the roots

It is easy to believe that the root canal removes the roots because of its name. However, the main purpose is to preserve your natural tooth instead of extraction and replacement. Instead of removing the roots, as the myth suggests, doctors clean the root canal and shape it on the inside. They remove the nerve tissue and pulp before cleaning to eliminate all bacteria.

  1.     The procedure is painful

Pain is the main reason that causes people to develop fear or prefer tooth extraction instead. The procedure being painful is just a common myth that is far from the truth. You will experience more pain if you continue living with an infected tooth than you would if you underwent the procedure. Luckily, doctors will use local anesthesia to numb the area and eliminate all discomforts. Patients who have undergone the procedure have testified that it is painless. You can also discuss with your dentist about sedation methods if you are still anxious about the treatment.

  1.     Pain goes away immediately

The purpose of undergoing root canal treatment is to eliminate pain caused by a damaged tooth. Therefore, most people believe that the pain will go away immediately after the procedure. Instead, it fades away substantially within a few days or weeks. The doctor will offer pain-relieving medications and advise accordingly if you find it uncomfortable to chew on the tooth the first few days after the treatment. The tenderness and mild pain may be caused by inflammation but will reduce quickly.

  1.     Root canal kills the tooth

People tell stories that root canals are meant to kill the tooth. The fact is that healthy teeth are not alive or dead. Doctors do not kill the tooth, but instead remove the pulp and the bacteria within the pulp. Afterward, they fill your tooth to avoid bacteria and recurrence infection, which will actually save your tooth rather than kill it. The tooth will remain healthy with the tissue surrounding it.

  1.     You do not need a root canal if your tooth does not hurt

As discussed, the primary function of a root canal is to eliminate pain. This does not mean that you do not need the procedure if the infection does not cause pain. You may still have a damaged tooth without pain. Therefore, the doctor will suggest a root canal to prevent the spread of infection.

You should visit a dentist even without pain for other oral services. They will advise you on the most appropriate ways of cleaning. Additionally, dentists detect infection and advise you on the best treatment early enough to prevent complications. If you need root canal services, fear no more as the procedure is not painful and saves your tooth. Book an appointment online today with Brooklyn City Dental.