Are you finding it hard to fall asleep because of frequent back pains? I know it’s been quite disturbing. The fact is that it is a common problem. Fortunately, there is finally a solution for it. With the correct implements, back pains can be history to you.

Why you are experiencing frequent back pains

As I said earlier back pains is a common problem. It’s a body disorder caused by the following:

  • Soft mattresses: It’s been confirmed that soft mattresses do not offer adequate body support. Therefore, your spine ends-up being strained. Your back requires a firm support for a perfect spine alignment. In this case, you need to get a thick and firm mattress topper.
  • Inappropriate sleeping position: The position on which you sleep highly determines the status of your spine. For instance, sleeping on your stomach keeps your spine in an unstable condition and this mostly results in serious back pains. You are advised to sleep on your back or on your side to at least keep your spinealigned and relaxed.
  • Fever: One of the major symptoms of fever is frequent back-pains. Sometimes your back pains could be as a result of fever. If this persists, it will be wise of you to consult your doctor.
  • Excess body weight: It’s possible that your body weight is causing your frequent back pains when you sleep. The spine is literary connected to the rest of your body parts. This means it partly carries your body weight. Therefore you will need to get a high-density mattress topper for your mattress. It will help distribute your body weight evenly.
  • Sitting for long hours: This is a common cause of back pains. Usually when you sleep for too long, you kind of overworking your spine. This means backaches.

How do you sleep with back pains? Below are tips to help you get a better sleep regardless of frequent back pains.

  1. Getting a mattress topper:

Laying on a mattress without a topper might not be a sure solution for your back pains. You need to get yourself a mattress topper; the best mattress topper for that matter. Not every mattress topper will keep you free from back pains. They may seem to be useless from their size but trust me the service they provide is quite enormous as far as your back pain is concerned. I will give you great tips on choosing the best mattress topper for back pain.


How to choose the best topper for back pain

Remember, you are not getting just any topper for your mattress. The main goal here is to get the best out of the best mattress toppers for back pains. This calls for a serious consideration of certain factors which I will explain below.

  • Thickness: The thickness of your mattress topper determines the comfort you get when you sleep. The thicker it is the much comfort you get. Usually, thick toppers are bound to providing adequate body support which is a remedy for your back pain.
  • Size: Am sure you wouldn’t want to get a topper smaller or bigger than your mattress. In that case, I propose you confirm the size of your mattress before making your final choice.
  • Brand: Some brands are not quite helpful especially when conditions like back pains are concerned. It will be a good idea putting into consideration the kind of brand you choose would highly recommend a Latex or a Memory foam mattress topper for this matter (back pain).
  • Firmness: Firmness of your mattress topper counts for a perfect body support. This will ensure that your back stays aligned throughout your night sleep. If you have a fairly firm mattress you are advised to get yourself a firm topper for maximum body support. If your mattress is pretty firm then a fairly firm topper will be appropriate for you
  1. Use of a firm mattress:

Your body needs adequate support when you sleep. This is to make sure that your back gets the best alignment to avoid unnecessary spine strain. If you have been using your mattress for too long now, you should consider doing a replacement for the same. Am saying this because usually when you use mattresses for quite a long time, it loses its firmness and that means there will be no enough back support when you sleep. Am sure you really want to get better sleep. In that case, I strongly advise you to get yourself another mattress.

Pro tip

Make sure you consider your needs to avoid making the wrong mattress choice for back pains. I would advise you to read our article on making mattress choices.

  1. Switching Sleeping positions:

In most cases, your back pains may persist because you are using the wrong sleeping position. As I said earlier in the article, sleeping positions could be the cause of your back pain. There are several sleeping positions you could use but some of them may not be good for your back pains. For instance, sleeping on your stomach is an unappropriated position for everyone with back problems. This position keeps your back in an unstable curve. This definitely will lead to spine strain which causes backaches.

It will be wise to consider using other better sleeping positions to avoid serious back issues.

Sleeping on your back will keep your back aligned. If it doesn’t serve you well, you may also consider sleeping on your sides. It’s another recommendable position for you.

  1. Use of pillows:

Pillows are quite helpful in this case. They act as a wedge to increase the body support. Sleeping on your stomach will be the worst position ever. Moreover, if you feel you can’t switch to a better sleeping position, you could improve the position by use of a slim pillow beneath your stomach and hips for perfect spine alignment.

Pro tip:

Mark you, pillows could be a solution but I only the right pillow is used properly. This means you should get best pillows that are good for your back pain. They are just like mattresses when it comes to their qualities. Be careful to get the best pillow.

  1. Avoid oversleeping:

You will agree with me that when you sleep for too long sometimes you wake up feeling wearier. It’s tempting sometimes but trust me it will do nothing less than worsening your condition.

Sleeping for too long increases pressure on your back and this means increased back pains. I know you wouldn’t wish that to happen. Just sleep for the recommended hours or rather just get enough sleep.


So there you have the best tips ever to use for a better night sleep regardless of your back pain. It is possible and easy to manage back pains. Don’t let your back pain deny you a comfortable sleep. Apply these tips and I bet you won’t regret it. However, if your back pains persist, I would strongly recommend that you see a doctor for further medical care. Remember back pains could be as a result of other diseases.