Doctor, Doctor: 4 Signs That You Need a Worker’s Comp Doctor

Laborers experience the greatest number of injuries and illnesses at work. About 68,000 employees experience an injury or illness each year. Many of those people seek out the treatment of a medical professional. 

If you’ve recently experienced an injury or illness, then you may also need to visit a worker’s comp doctor. Look for these five signs that you need to speak to a doctor. 

1. You’ve Just Experienced Injury 

If you’ve experienced a workplace injury or illness, then you need to seek treatment immediately. No matter how minor of the incident, you should see a doctor immediately after the incident or as soon as you begin experiencing symptoms. 

The sooner you seek treatment, the more likely you fully recover. This immediate treatment also gives your employer less wiggle room to argue that the injury or illness isn’t from work. 

2. You Need to Document Your Injuries 

Saying you’re in pain isn’t enough to recover. You need to visit a medical professional to officially document your injuries or illness. The doctor will record the pain and then relate it back to your workplace injury. 

They can also help you address the pain. That way, you can feel better. 

To prepare for this visit, it’s best to keep a diary of your pain and symptoms. Record when the pain gets worse, when it gets better, and what influences your pain level. This will help the doctor evaluate your injuries and locate the source of the problem. 

3. You’re Not Receiving Proper Care 

In some states, the employer is the one who chooses the treating doctor. This creates a conflict of interest as the doctor answers to the insurance company providing the employer with workers comp insurance. 

As an employee, you may find yourself receiving substandard care. If this happens, you’ll want to seek out a new treatment. You’ll need to follow proper procedures, but you do have the right to seek out a new doctor through during your workers’ comp claim. 

4. The Employer or Insurance Company Requested It 

In some instances, the insurance company or employer will request that the employee get an IME. This is a second opinion exam by an independent doctor. This will be a doctor selected by your employer or insurance company. 

If you receive one of these requests, it’s best to have your own doctor evaluate you. The insurance company doctor is paid lots of money to find nothing wrong with you. Your own doctor can help combat this by documenting your injuries or illness. 

Look for a Worker’s Comp Doctor

Experiencing a workplace injury or illness can be stressful. Seeking out the treatment of a worker’s comp doctor. A doctor can help you record your symptoms.

They will help you feel better so you can get back to work. They’ll also provide a record of your injuries so that you can successfully file a claim. 

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