4 Cool Monthly Subscription Boxes You Must Try

Are you trying to figure out some good ideas for gifts for friends? Read this article to learn more about the coolest monthly subscription boxes.

Many of us have the standard subscriptions to things like Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime.

But some of us may not have tapped into the glory that is monthly subscription boxes yet.

These services provide easy, low-key ways of getting a plethora of items right to our doorstep — no hustling and bustling at the grocery store or hours at the mall required.

The subscription e-commerce market is booming. In the last decade or so, it’s come to be worth an astounding $10 billion! In fact, subscribers like the convenience so much that most have two subscriptions, while some have three or more.

Subscription boxes typically come in monthly installments. You buy a box catered to your wishes, focusing on things like skincare, dog toys and treats, high-quality meat, clothing, and the like. Then, a tailored box gets delivered to your mailbox.

If this is your first foray into the world of monthly subscription boxes, we can help. Here are some great recommendations you can consider getting yourself, a spouse, or a friend or family member!

1. Beck & Bulow

This meat delivery monthly service is fantastic for both consumers and restaurants alike.

Ever heard of farm to table? Beck & Bulow’s tagline is “ranch to door,” because that’s how fresh the quality of their meat is.

Choose from grass-fed elk, buffalo, or wild boar. They offer two plans — a buffalo-only one, and a mix-pack medley of meat.

2. Birchbox

This monthly subscription box is one of the originals, and it’s still got a great clientele for a reason.

If you’ve ever wanted to try a variety of makeup without paying the hefty price tag, Birchbox can help.

Each month, they send four to five sample sizes of different makeup products. This way, you can test out what you like and perhaps buy it for real — and if you’re not in love with the product, at least you didn’t pay full price!

3. FabFitFun

For $50 a season, FabFitFun sends you a box of 8-10 full-sized products that cover several different areas — beauty, wellness, fitness, home life.

Most boxes are valued at $200, as they don’t skimp on sizes. You’re getting the full thing, whether that’s facemasks, makeup brushes, hair straighteners, and much more.

4. Lola

For $10 a month, women can now get 100% organic tampons delivered to their door, free of harmful ingredients.

Women can choose their absorbancy per box, from Light to Super+, and each product is hypoallergenic — meaning it’s soft and free from toxins, dyes, and synthetic fibers.

As a bonus, Lola has begun selling sex essentials, too, like wellness kits, condoms, lubricants, and more.

Monthly Subscription Boxes Are the Way to Go

If you’ve ever wanted a curated way to get the things you want right to your doorstep, this is one tried-and-true method loved by many.

Monthly subscription boxes take the hassle and stress out of shopping — and are a pleasant surprise when you come home at the end of a long day.

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