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4 Common Medical Problems That You Can be Prepared For at Home

From children to adults, everyone experiences some medical problems at some stage of their life. However, children are more likely to be affected and require high-quality medical care. Here are 4 common medical problems that might occur in your home that you should be ready for.

Sore Throat

Sore throats, which occur in both children and adults are caused by a virus and can be quite painful. A sore throat can also be caused by an infection called streptococcal (strep throat) though this rarely occurs in babies and toddlers, they only become infected by streptococcus bacteria if there is another child nearby with the illness and they end up coughing and sneezing on the baby.

Your child can also get it by touching a toy that an infected child has played with and then putting their fingers into their mouths. Strep cannot be accurately diagnosed by looking at the throat and requires a lab test or in-office rapid strep test to be done. A strep test is a simple procedure where a quick swab of the throat is done and tested for the virus cells.


Constipation happens when your bowel movements are affected making it difficult for your stomach to digest food as it should. In most cases, it is not a serious matter, but it lasts for more than 3 or more days, then it affects your bodily waste and makes it harder to pass. Sometimes you might even experience belly bloating.

A home enema fleet or OTC enema kit is normally used to treat constipation, deliver medicines, or prepare for a medical procedure. There are various types available on the market so you need to find out more about the best from your doctor.

Flu/ Common Cold

The common cold or flu, which is normally caused by viruses affects the upper respiratory tract of both children and adults, although most children at a tender age are the ones who are more vulnerable. Symptoms of a cold, which sometimes include a runny nose, congestion, and regular coughing can last for quite some time up to ten days.

The most common treatment for colds at home involves taking enough fluids, mostly soup along with antibiotics though, in the event of a sinus infection, you might have to see a doctor who will carry out a proper physical examination.


Like the flu, coughs are also caused by viruses. You can treat coughs using home remedies like taking plenty of fluids, drinking ginger and honey tea among other beverages with anti-inflammatory properties. Cough syrups are also recommended for children at the age of 4 years of age and younger.

However, studies show that cough medicines sometimes don’t work for children who are 4-years-and-younger and might result in serious side effects. Cough medications containing narcotics like codeine are not advised for children.

Apart from medical treatment prescribed by a doctor, there are some home remedies that you can also use to treat common medical problems that occur at home.  If you have any questions about the appropriate care for your child or yourself when you encounter any of these problems, consult your pediatrician or doctor.