4 Benefits Of Blackhead Vacuum Removers That You Didn’t Know About!

We’ve all waged a losing battle against the pesky irritants known as blackheads. These black spots arrive with little to no prior warning and are capable of resisting even the most vigorous of attempts to get rid of them.

Conversely, leave them unattended and you will find that they harden and even grow larger over time, drawing more attention to your failed treatment methods as well as your own marked skin. Of course, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, these less than successful endeavours are increasingly rare, as a number of treatment methods and skin care tools have made it easier to address blackheads than ever before!

What Are Blackhead Vacuum Removers?

Blackhead suction treatment is a revolutionary solution to blackheads and other skin issues and is powered by the latest modern technology. This non-invasive treatment method is carried out through devices known as comedo suctions or pore suction tools. As the name suggests, these machines remove blackheads faster and more easily than alternate cures such as exfoliation, face masks and scrubs.

A large part of their appeal stems from the fact that they are painless as they do not pierce the skin surface and are remarkably easy to use. The name of these tools is derived from the term comedo, which is the outer dome of a blackhead, which also contains its distinct black colour.

Through their suction action, these blackhead extractors simply remove the excess body oil and dead skin cells blocking the hair follicles and skin pores. If you didn’t already know, body oil and dead skin clogging follicles and pores is the primary cause of blackheads, which is why people with oily skin seem to face the problem of these black spots more than others.

As we have already seen, the main use of comedo suction devices is to extract existing blackheads and prevent them from returning. However, a lesser known fact is that these tools are in fact well-rounded skin care products that offer many more benefits than just getting rid of excess oil. Let’s take a closer look at these uses and how you can incorporate the machines into your skin care routine!

Improved Blood Circulation

The suction treatment involves gently pulling at the skin and works in the same way a vacuum cleaner does. When you use a comedo suction at a particular body part, it stimulates the blood vessels and results in an increased flow of blood in the particular area. This in turn means that the targeted area receives more oxygen and nutrients!

Poor circulation and blood supply is one of the main causes for body ache and pains. Using these tools for regulated periods can help reduce stress related pain and promote healthy blood flow!

Smooth Skin & Anti-Wrinkling

An underrated but extremely useful advantage of a comedo suction device is its ability to smoothen skin and ease out wrinkles that are caused by stress, tension and even age!

The sign of a well-balanced and effective skin care tool is the potential to rejuvenate skin and promote recovery, which is exactly what these devices do, thanks to, in no small part, their positive effect on blood circulation!

Regular use of these tools has resulted in improved skin tone, texture and much firmer yet smoother skin!

Skin Tightening

A common and prevalent skin issue is saggy and loose skin, which is caused by a variety of factors such as age, lack of fitness, pregnancy, increased weight, hormonal changes etc. Firm and tight skin retains texture better and is less liable to pimples, boils and acne.

Another issue with loose skin is that skin care products do not work as well on this skin type. The lack of texture makes it difficult for skin to retain moisture and its natural healthy glow.

The suction action of a comedo device is excellent for improving the texture of skin and gives users a skin surface that is firm, compact and clear!

Increased Skin Clarity

A misconception is that blackhead removers and comedo suction extractors are only effective when used in one spot or on single blackheads. This is a false assumption! High-quality blackhead extractors are fantastic for removing excess oil and more importantly, dead skin cell layers.

Even if you do not have a significant blackhead problem, these devices do wonders for improving skin clarity and can instantly remove blemishes such as marks, oil scabs etc.

Ultimately, it all comes down to how you use these devices and at the end of the day, some awareness is just what’s needed to help you obtain the maximum benefit from your skin care tools!