3 Things To Look For in a Doctor

Choosing a doctor isn’t an easy decision when your well-being and health are among the most critical factors for a dignified and happy life. Here are three things you should search for in a doctor.

Proper Credentials

It may be a little challenging to find a world-class doctor right there in your city, but that shouldn’t get you down. A doctor doesn’t have to have gone to an Ivy League school to be well-credentialed.

Credentials are a vital part of trusting a doctor to care for you. It’s essential to see where they took their education and how much time they spent on it. They may have gone to school right in your state, studied at Harvard, or graduated on the East Coast and then completed an internship at Oregon Health and Science University. The important thing is that they have an education, they took the time to gain experience with residencies, internships, or research, and their credentials are legitimate.

Most doctors have online profiles that allow you to see details of their qualifications, and if they don’t, there are also third-party websites that do medical license lookups and checks. You should also be able to easily find whether or not a physician has had disciplinary action taken against them. 

Researching credentials is key to deciding whom to trust.

Bedside Manner

Bedside manner is how the doctor speaks to you and treats you. A good physician will treat his patients with respect and dignity. They won’t beat around the bush when it’s time to deliver hard news, but they also should have enough tact and empathy to let you know what is wrong in a gentle, dignified way. Another critical point is that they will take enough time with you to listen and validate your concerns and try to understand what you need. Things shouldn’t feel rushed. But, on the other hand, they shouldn’t be overly leisurely, either. A good doctor will act professionally but with a personal touch.

The best way to see bedside manner is to go to an actual appointment with the doctor in question. However, if you’re apprehensive about doing that, you can also check online reviews and see what others have to say – bedside manner is a big topic in online forums and review pages.

Whether you go once a year for routine checkups and bloodwork or are there more than once a month, you deserve respect, kindness, and genuine concern. Don’t stay with someone who isn’t interested in helping you.


Someone who wants to help others be or stay healthy will be an honest doctor. Many doctors take the Hippocratic oath of ethics upon graduating from medical school, which states that they will refrain from doing things for their personal gain or that would harm their patients. Only a doctor that takes that seriously is worth your time and hard-earned money!

The right doctor for you will never suggest that you undergo any procedure that is not absolutely necessary and will keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket, not theirs.