3 Interesting Jobs Related to Health

When it comes to a rewarding career path which can help others, the healthcare industry is ripe with relevant opportunities for those wanting to share their expertise. Good health can mean anything from working with clients through their everyday lifestyle, or caring for patients in a medical setting when they may not be able to help themselves. As with any field in medicine or healthcare, the correct qualifications, training, and certifications are crucial to success.

Below are 3 pathways you can consider when seeking a career in health.


A nutritionist is an individual who works within healthcare to best advise individuals how to maintain a healthy diet, and the best course of nutrition for a person’s unique needs. A nutritionist’s main goal is to assist their clients in leading a healthier lifestyle, primarily through their diet choices. Nutritionists can help clients to create and tailor better meal plans and ensure that they are getting all their nutrition needs. 

This is a good career option for those seeking to assist within a healthcare environment but would like their prime focus to be on food and diet expertise.

To become a nutritionist, you must achieve a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as food science. In many states, it’s not a requirement to have a license to practice nutrition, but you must have adequate knowledge and training. However, going a step further and gaining a license to also practice as a dietician means you can also work within healthcare settings, such as hospitals.

2. Nurse Anesthetist

Registered anesthetists are integral components of a variety of medical procedures. As a nurse anesthetist, you can expect to work with a large number of different medical professionals, such as surgeons and dentists, to ensure the correct administration of relevant anesthesia. There are many stages during this role in terms of the requirement for anesthesia, such as pain management, preparation for surgery or patient recovery. 

This is a great role for those looking for a dependable medical profession with advanced training and a substantial pay. 

Nurse Anesthetist Courses are available for those who wish to study in this field; you can also gain help from industry leaders such as Valley Anesthesia in best preparing for your National Certifying Exam. 

3.Fitness Coach or Instructor

If you would like your health focus within your career to be mainly on fitness and exercise, a fitness coach can be a rewarding opportunity to help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle, whilst staying active yourself. This career option offers a broad spectrum of relevant categories to work within, with different levels of fitness and different clientele available. 

You must earn a base high school degree for this career pathway, which will then lead you on to be able to get your certification to become a qualified personal trainer. You can then decide which area you would like to specialize in, and work towards that. 

Becoming a fitness coach means actively promoting a healthy way of life and helping others who need specialized fitness guidance and support.