3 Best Kettlebell Glutes Exercises

From the Russian fields where girya, the far ancestor of a kettlebell, has been used for weighting crops, to strongman contests, circus performances, and girevoy sport through XIX century, kettlebell finally found its way to the light of the day. Today kettlebell is an unavoidable tool for strength and conditioning. There are numerous applications of this perfect fitness tool.

Muscle building training, explosiveness and kettlebell fat loss training on one side. It will burn tons of calories in a minimum time frame. On another side, perfect mobility and flexibility tool that will help you to secure proper posture. The simplicity of its usage, when it comes to time and space, is something that separates kettlebells from the other fitness equipment.

Whether you are on your business trip or in a lack of time kettlebell workout is always on a hand reach. And when it comes to glute workout, kettlebells can offer a wide range of different and very effective exercises.

Posterior chain muscles

The most neglected muscles in the fitness world are the muscles of the posterior chain. Those are muscles of the hamstrings region, glute region, and back region. It has its psychological cause. In our daily communication, we are face to face oriented with other people. Definitely, biceps, chest and abdomen muscles are what first someone will notice at your physique, especially if its summer time.

Nonetheless, posterior chain muscles and particularly the glute region muscles are very important in our everyday life. The proper ratio between those two has to be achieved. It will result in a proper posture and all-around well-balanced body. Glute muscles are “highlighted target” of excessive time spent in sitting pose. In next paragraphs find out which kettlebells exercises are the best for glutes.


Kettlebell Glute Exercise #1 – Kettlebell deadlift

The good old deadlift. The king of the exercises as fitness trainers babble to it. Independent of which version of deadlift you chose, your glute muscles will benefit from it. Regular, sumo, suitcase or for more advanced practitioners – one leg kettlebell deadlift, you name it. For the beginners, it is highly suggested to start with easier variations like kettlebell sumo deadlift. By doing that, the proper deadlift technique is secured, and injury risk is lowered.

When it comes to kettlebell deadlift technique, be sure to secure a proper back alignment. It is done by adopting a proper hip-hinge pattern. Activation of lats by “crushing handles” will help proper and stable, not a sloppy technique. In the top of the movement, be sure that your glute muscles are tight and hard. After a few sets of kettlebell deadlift, you can bet that you will feel the heat.

Kettlebell Glute Exercise #2 – Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat. The starting point for everybody in the fitness world when it comes to legs and glutes. The foundation of the squat exercise pattern. It is easily done and more easily learned. Remember, when it comes to a squat stance, there is no ideal or universal stance. Your stance is pre-decided by the shape of your pelvis and your hip joint.

Wider, narrower, toes a bit out… It is individual. But the thing that is universal is that goblet squat is an ideal exercise for both, glutes and legs region muscles. On a way up, your quadriceps will do the majority of the move. Same as it is in deadlift case, on top you have to squeeze your glutes. In the bottom part of the movement, your glutes are on fire. You can even take a little pause in the bottom of the squat to increase TUT (time under tension) for your glutes.

Kettlebell Glute Exercise #3 – Kettlebell Swing

In its origin, kettlebell swing is dynamic deadlift. Besides, the perfect glute exercise choice, the swing is also one of the best fat burner exercises. Once when proper technique is learned, you can start with swinging that bell around. Two hands swing is a starting point and later, one-arm variations will secure fat burning effect. In a blink of an eye, your body will burn large amounts of calories and your endurance will dramatically improve.

Learn and Burn

The title says enough. Once the kettlebell glute exercises techniques have been learned, it is time to switch to a practice. Besides your gains, these glute exercises will help you improve your posture. That will reduce injury risk and help you feel better in everyday life. One more advice in the end. Avoid sitting as much as possible, your glutes will be grateful to you. What are you waiting for? Learn and Burn.