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15 Things Sabotaging Your Sex Life

If you are not happy with your intimate life, you should know that you are not alone. Sex problems in marriage are one of the most common ones and often results in quarrels and even divorces. It happens that the sexual desire in a couple entirely disappears. This does not mean, however, that you don’t love each other anymore. Reasons include crises of various kinds. The most common questions on the matter are: can masturbating too much ruin sex life and will a lot of porn ruin your sex life? Therefore, let’s talk about things that ruin your sex life.

You may be surprised, but the following factors from uabrides.com are best in sabotaging your sex life:

The high body mass index

There are no doubts that body insecurities ruin sex life. Even a slight obesity may sabotage your sex life and ruin the sex drive. Well, the good news is that the return to your normal weight returns the sex drive. Just avoid extreme diets because a fast weight loss is also bad for our health Also, You can check out the male supplements product like Virectin which can effectively boost sex drive.

Another key thing is you should stop hating your body. If you do not believe that your shapes are terrific, you will feel uncomfortable even in front of your own husband or wife. Enough with self-criticism! Either you improve your body or you learn to love it the way it is.

Passion for Instagram

This one comes from the previous paragraph. Having viewed hundreds of ideal bodies, you can be disappointed in your shapes and consider yourself undesirable.


Smoking narrows the blood vessels and reduces the flow of blood to both the penis and the vagina. Unfortunately, they don’t mention it on the pack. The only theme-related warning you can find there is impotence.

Delaying doctor’s appointment

I bet it is not so easy to admit that you are having trouble reaching orgasm or having a low libido. Most people convince themselves that they simply do not want to have sex, rather than they have some problems. In fact, many disorders can be diagnosed and cured. This will help you enjoy sex again.

Junk food

French fries, pizza, fast food are your enemies. Fat and fried foods are full of trans-fats, which kill your libido slowly. Fats clog the arteries, reduce the blood flow and ruin the sex drive.

Lack of sports

Any type of exercise can help increase your libido. The thing is that it improves blood circulation, promotes endorphin release, energizes and helps you feel more attractive.


In fact, the state of your relationship is the main factor in your intimate life. Even small quarrels may cause disrespect and distrust, and consequently ruin the sexual desire.


Secrecy may also develop the distrust in your couple. If your partner hides his/her phone constantly, quickly closes tabs when you enter, uses passwords for everything, your sexual life is likely to suffer from it.

Watching porn

Porn ruins sex life, as well. According to the research, porn lovers eventually get less and less satisfaction from real sex. In addition, it kills the partner’s self-esteem, his/her confidence in the ability to satisfy you.


Alcohol is a good tool to relax and relieve stress, but when you have too much of it, it ruins your sex drive.


Hormones are a very complex thing, and even the smallest changes can affect your libido. Sometimes such contraceptive is boosting your desire, but most often they are lowering it.


Stress, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart disease – these are some typical health things that can reduce your sexual desire.

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation, exhaustion and lack of sleep prevail over the desire for sex. That’s why young parents with babies often have problems with intimate life.

Too much of the computer

Too much time in front of the computer/smartphone can result in a lack of sex drive. Devoting more time to social networks, video games, etc., prevent you from creating the right emotional atmosphere, which can lead to a low sexual desire or its absence.

Bad experience

A sad experience from your past, like sexual abuse or other sex-related negative experiences, can be a serious psychological barrier. The solution of the problem is obvious: you should see a specialist.