10 Quick and Easy Steps to Get Rid of Pimples


There are many causes, for pimples, some of the more notable ones, areoily skin and hormone imbalances. Now although, the exact cause of pimples, is not really known, but as I said before, some people might attribute, hormones called androgens, to play a role, in this subject. Androgens increase, in both boys and girls during, puberty. Thus they make the skins, oil glands get larger, and thus, producing more pimples in general.

Types of Pimples:

Believe it or not, pimples come in many shapes and forms, and although many may say, that these other “forms”, aren’t technically considered pimples. There are some who do.

However, but to those of us who don’t wish to get into all of that mess;Whiteheads: which are white dots that, are pores impacted, with oil, Blackheads: which are black bumpsthat are impacted pores essentially. Thus the black color is not from dirt, but just pores. Next comes papules or pustules: which is a more serious, lesion appearing red and swollen. Moreover, finally comes cysts: which are deep, pus-filled pimples.

Thus I already know, some of these might, seem icky or make you have nightmares at night. We are here to simply make, all these go away.


Thus without further ado, here are 10 ways to get rid of all types of pimples and get, fantastic skin:

  1. Keep Cool

This is by far the more, simple and effective method, to get rid of pimples, since heat is normally why, pimples tend to appear. Thus using ice or aloe vera and keeping cool, is absolutely essential, like a saving grace. There are many ways you can do this, and although it’s not as simple, as sticking your head in the freezer, simple don’t stay in the heat too long, is the best, logical option. there are different benefits of Aloe vera on face overnight despite just keeping cool.

  1. Vitamin C

This is probably, a less heard of remedy, which is to use anything that has, high vitamin C. Lemons, are the most obvious, answer to this dilemma.

  1. Tea Tree Oil’s

This is one, you may have heard off quite often, if you looked up some random remedy on Google, although there is some science, behind this, Tea Tree Oils are high in nutrients, and their ant-bacterial properties, provide you with clear skin instantly. That too without any, side effects. However, you may have to, look quite a bit to find it, maybe in your local plant store.

  1. Toothpaste

Continuing on the, topic of keeping cool, so much like how toothpaste can be used, to treat burns, it’s extremely powerful, cooling properties, makes it almost ideal to treat pimples.

  1. Little bit of Steam

A little bit of steam never, really hurt anyone, steam is a magnificent, way to open the pores of your skin. So this one may seem, like I’m telling you to, take a spa day off, but trust me it, will be worth it, as it cleanses your skin, and makes your skin almost immune to pimples for a while.

  1. Vampires fear is your treasure

Garlic! Who would have known, such a thing was able to give you better skin, but garlic, is recognized by scientist to be, an antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and an antioxidant, so naturally its perfect for your skin.

  1. Honey give me some honey

Now although this is a, less recommended way to relive yourself from pimples, it is also very highly, effective.

  1. Stay Hydrated

An important thing, recommended by every doctor in the world really, is to constantly have water, and stay hydrated, especially if you live in an area, where temperatures, can reach a blistering 35-40 degrees.

  1. Keep Clean

A constant reminder, is always placed on cleanliness and clean physique, to really keep bacteria off your skin and the oils it produces.

  1. Clean inside and out

It doesn’t hurt to stay clean both outside and inside, your body, as the real cause for acne, and pimples is un-known, it’s better to stay ahead of the curve and, simply keep healthy. Nothing happens to healthy people.

As we come to an end, to the ways of which you can, have perfect skin and end pimples or acne, altogether. There are many other ways like using branded products that you may find on different online stores like TopVouchersCode.co.ukat a reasonable price. However, if you simply, keep clean and keep cool, you are sure, to never go wrong. Pimples, aren’t rocket science, so never panic on the sheer number of sites, telling you what to do, simple remember the basics.

Author Bio: – Catriona Jasica 

I love to analyze things and to write about them. Just love reading books, traveling and movies which is basically my ultimate inspiration for writing different kinds of blogs. I find all these things very interesting and always eager to share my views with other people. You can find my other blogs at Top Vouchers Code.