10 of the Greatest Foods to Eat if You Want to Gain Muscle Mass

From ensuring that you live longer to the ability to carry the groceries home from the store, there are many reasons to build stronger muscles.

Pumping iron and spending time at the gym is essential if you want to gain muscle. But, you shouldn’t neglect to think about the importance of your diet.

You cannot simply keep eating your salty snacks and sugary treats if you want to get stronger. You may already know the foods you should be avoiding.

But, what about the greatest foods for building muscle mass? Check out our blog post below to learn what you need to eat to build your muscles.

1. Eggs

Americans are eating more eggs than ever before. That’s amazing news if you’re planning on gaining muscle strength.

Whether you’re eating scrambled eggs for breakfast or snacking on hard-boiled eggs at the gym, eggs are an important source of protein.

When you’re trying to gain muscles, you need to be eating a large quantity of protein. But, eggs are also packed with healthy fat and nutrients. 

This also includes B vitamins, which are essential for your body to produce energy. You won’t last long in the gym without these essential nutrients.

2. Chicken Breast

Weight lifters and bodybuilders always consume a high quantity of chicken. When you eat a 3-ounce cut of chicken breast, you get over 26 grams of protein.

If you’re regularly physically active lifting weights and working out, the B vitamins and other nutrients found in the chicken are crucial to staying healthy.

Do you hope to shed fat at the same time as building muscle? There is evidence that eating chicken breast can help you do this too.

3. Greek Yogurt

A bowl of yogurt with fruit is really healthy to have with your breakfast in the mornings. Even Ghengis Kahn himself ensured that his warriors ate yogurt daily to make sure they stayed strong and healthy.

While dairy products generally contain high protein, which is great for building your muscle mass. Greek yogurt has almost double the protein as other yogurts.

Whether you eat greek yogurt as a mid-morning snack or as a dessert in the evenings, it’s a great way to build your muscles. 

4. Beans

Who said that you could gain muscle mass as a vegan?

There are so many different varieties of beans that are great for building your muscles. Some of the most popular include kidney beans, black beans, and pinto beans.

You’ll also find that beans are a great way to get more nutrients and fiber. Beans keep your body strong and healthy so you can work out for longer.

5. Salmon

If you want a tasty fish for your lunch, look no further than eating salmon. You can get around 17 grams of protein from a 3-ounce portion of salmon.

There are also a bunch of other healthy nutrients, such as Omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins to help you stay physically active.

6. Soya Beans

Soya beans are really useful to add to almost anything. You can also drink plant-based soya milk or have it on your cereals. 

Soya is a healthy unsaturated fat, which means that it won’t undermine your muscle mass growth. 

You’ll also consume plenty of other vitamins when you eat soya beans, including iron, vitamin K and phosphorus. 

Iron is especially important when you’re working out a lot. It helps your body store oxygen which ensures that your blood and heart run smoothly.

7. Cottage Cheese

If you love cheese, but you’re concerned about the fat, cottage cheese is a great alternative to a chunk of standard cheese.

You can make cottage cheese even lower calorie if you’re concerned about weight gain. Low-fat cottage cheese is almost one-tenth protein!

Just spread a spoonful of cottage cheese on a piece of bread for a healthy and delicious snack in the middle of your workout routine.

8. Tuna

Another delicious dish that’s great for building your muscles is tuna. Not only does Tuna contain plenty of protein for muscle growth, but it’s also packed a bunch of vitamins.

If you want to perform at your best in the gym, eating tuna for vitamins A and B is strongly recommended. When you’re measuring muscle mass, you’ll notice the difference if you keep munching on tuna.

Tuna is especially helpful if you’re an older adult. Getting lots of Omega-3 fatty acids in your body during older age can stop your building from losing muscle strength.

9. Brown Rice

Even though carbohydrates don’t directly help you to build your muscle mass, they can ensure that you can keep going in the gym for longer.

You also need to combine your protein foods with a healthy carb. But, don’t opt for plain pasta or white rice.

You need to eat brown rice, quinoa or couscous to enjoy the benefits of the healthy nutrients contained in them.

10. Turkey

Turkey isn’t just for Thanks Giving. You can also eat turkey all year round for greater muscle growth. 

If you get tired of eating chicken, you can switch it on your plate for a turkey breast.

When you eat turkey, you also getting B vitamins which help you process fatty foods better. This allows your muscles to grow even more.

How to Grow Your Muscle Mass?

Growing your muscles isn’t only about working out in the gym all day. You also need to think carefully about what you’re putting into your body.

Making sure you’re eating plenty of the above foods and avoid fatty foods can ensure that you continue to get stronger and bigger. 

Do you want to know more about how to grow your muscle mass? Check out our blog for much more information and advice.