Be Confident: 10 Exercises You Should Practice to Boost Your Confidence

In a world where everything out there is working to break you, the importance of boosting your confidence cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the obvious fact that it can increase the success rate in securing business deals for entrepreneurs, it fills you with motivation to pursue and accomplish challenging goals you’ve set for yourself and generally improves interpersonal relationships with everyone in general.

Thing is, no one is born confident. People who exude confidence so well do so because they spent years building their confidence and not because their confidence switch was activated at birth and someone forgot to activate yours.

Some people are of the impression that if they had more money, or attain a level of success, they’d be more confident. Confidence is not rooted in acquiring more, but in searching and bringing out that part that makes you, you.

Boosting your confidence to tackle problems head-on can be achieved through the following exercise. You can also refer to The Avatar Course self-confidence exercises.

  • Groom Yourself. Taking good care of your personal hygiene and dressing suitably is one exercise can shift your confidence to the next level. Looking good is good business. It is difficult to feel confident when one doesn’t get enough sleep or dress shabbily. If changing your wardrobe will ensure a better fashion statement, then, by all means, go for it. Take out time to rest when you feel tired, so you can wake up rejuvenated and bold to face any compelling task.
  • Speak confidence. We are our biggest and most dangerous critic. Sometimes, you can hear the inner voice in your head, telling you not to attempt whatever you’re planning to do. Thing is, what your mind says directly affects your bearing and confidence. So, how do you shut out the negative thoughts? By replacing them immediately with good and happy thoughts. Uplifting thoughts can be very therapeutic but becomes more effective. The next time the voice in your heart begins to send negative energy to your entire body, rebuke and replace it these words: “I know I’m going to have a great day.”, “I am going to pass that interview,” and other positive statements to that effect.
  • Visualize yourself in a better position. Another way to boost your confidence is by using your imagination to picture what you want out of your life and where you hope to be in the future. When you visualize, it sets the precedents for a positive outcome—a more confident you. It is proven that the brain finds it difficult to differentiate reality from imagination when visualization is strong.
  • Physical Exercise. Engaging in regular exercise is a confidence booster. It sets your brain in motion and lightens your mood. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which boost confidence by improving the mood first. On the plus side, constant physical exercise will make your body fitter, and you will begin to feel good about yourself which in turns increases your confidence. You don’t have to do tedious exercises, like lifting weights. Waking up in the morning to do some stretches, or go jogging in your tracksuit, feeling the breeze on your face and nature sweeping all around you will increase your confidence level. You may even make friends as you go about exercising.

Boost Your Confidence

  • Eat healthily. Coupled with the daily physical exercise, you should fix yourself a healthy diet which will improve your overall wellbeing. For effectiveness, you should do away with processed food and opt instead for veggies and fruits. Caffeinated drinks should be taken on the low and you should get hooked on smoothies and juices. The importance of eating a balanced and healthy diet should not be downplayed. Suffice to say, a balanced diet keeps sickness far away, plus when the body gets the proper nutrients, energy is sustained for a long time and you feel better.
  • Set goals. Often times we feel our confidence waning when we don’t accomplish a particular task. This task, in hindsight, may be too difficult for the phase we’re going through. To boost confidence, set small tasks that you can complete easily without breaking a sweat. A stream of successes will not only make your self-image to be improved but gives you the drive to tackle those tasks you think were impossible to accomplish.
  • Celebrate the little wins. Often times, people fail to see the importance of being joyful in the little things. Most of us do not even give ourselves enough credit for accomplishing a task, no matter how small it may be. Fact is, when you celebrate the little wins, it allows your confidence level to shoot up which will make you set out to complete bigger tasks. So, take yourself out. Spoil yourself.
  • Write down what you love about yourself. When confidence is lacking, it is impossible to focus on your impressive attributes. One of the ways of boosting confidence is writing down the things you love about yourself. This is therapeutic because when you glean through your positive attributes, your self-image will increase.
  • Enjoy the moment. When you’re constantly reminded of the negative events that have happened in the past, performing your best at the moment becomes difficult. It is important to focus on the here and now, doing your best to enjoy it. Turn off the switch of negative thoughts by completely focusing on the present—that way, you’ll make the best of the situation and feel better as you course through each day, your confidence level rising and rising.
  • Show love to others. This may seem cliché but your confidence can be improved when you see the good in others and help them. Try to visit an orphanage, or donate to a course to help people who cannot afford the simple things you enjoy, or look after an elderly person. These acts of love are confidence boosters.

Trying to attempts all these exercises may seem quite herculean. You should not try them all at once. You just have to make them a habit and it usually takes time. Be patient with yourself and with the process. These exercises will not only boost your confidence but make you have a positive outlook about life; this will, in turn, make you appreciate the finer things of life, things you’ve been neglecting all this while.