1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Program Review – Scam or Legit?

There are people who would go to any extreme to get washboard abs and the perfect glutes. The same goes for ladies who would love to get into shape and into dresses, without looking uncomfortable. Problem is, not everyone is blessed with the right shape and fitness levels. And not everyone has the dedication or time to work out or control diet. Dan Long, the author of this program claims that it is possible for everyone to get into shape by merely getting onto a special diet that does not require you to starve. Now, that is something very interesting. Is it true? Let’s find out.

Okay, so what exactly is this program?

This program as per the author is all about a diet that does not require a participant to starve. You can actually enjoy your food and your diet exactly the way you have been doing so and include something special in your diet which will help you to get rid of fat. Now does that sound too good to be true? We felt the same, and that’s the reason why we dug into the concept behind this. So let’s hear what the experts have to say about this diet based on research and scientific findings, including diet-induced thermogenesis and nutrient timing frequency and overfeeding.

Who exactly is Dan Long? What is his expertise in the subject?

There is a story behind the creation of the program. This is something which caught our attention. Because, more often than not, authors create programs because of their expertise in the subject or to inform users about anew and novel method that will help in improving health. Here, the narrative is different. Dan Long suffered a heart attack and it was serious to the extent that it could have been fatal. Post recovery, he and his wife launched into a program to get back into shape and they took tips from his grandmother who as fit as a fiddle. She confided in them that it was eating habits and the way her body reacted to food that kept her healthy. He then researched extensively about strategic eating and metabolism before coming up with a practical program. And the first beneficiaries of his program as it was even being developed were the author and his wife. This makes it a very practical offering. They lost weight and reversed adverse health conditions such as high blood pressure.

What does Diet-Induced Thermogenesis facilitate?

Diet-induced thermogenesis quantifies the manner in which food can regulate your rate of metabolism. Typically, this involves an evaluation of calorific value and concentration of foods, calculated in percentage. Now the program, as per the author will give tips to individuals on consuming the kind of food that will speed up the rate of metabolism, thereby increasing the rate at which your fat is expelled. This is the USP of the program which is repeated in the promos online. Now, there is merit to this claim, because it is a scientifically proven fact, that there are foods that can actually boost the rate of metabolism. So, there is a little tick mark that we would like to put against the first aspect of the program. Let’s move deeper now.

Will nutrient timing frequency actually make a big difference?

Our bodies need nutrition. And this does not actually mean that we should cram our bodies with nutrition at the wrong time. Food intake needs to be timed to work in tandem with metabolism and rest to provide your body with nutrients at the perfect time, which will keep you healthy and in the right shape. The program apparently instructs users on the right time to consume food, the intervals and portions etc. Experts are in consensus about this school of thought. So, its time check the second box in the checklist.

How overfeeding is permitted and yet results are promised?

After you are used to a particular routine, when you love to dig into your favourite foods and portions, you may find it difficult to actually stay away from food. The reason behind the rave reviews and the popularity of this program is that it offers results to individuals despite overeating. However, there is a little detail that needs to be noticed here. Overeating is permitted in the program for three days in a week, and not the whole week. Three days in a week is actually good enough considering the fact that you can actually gorge on all that you like to during the three days and then slip into a proper routine for the next four days and back to gourmet diets for three days. It does sound good. We will figure out how such a possibility works in subsequent sections. But first a look at the advantages offered by this program.

A good long look at the advantages of this program

This program is a lot different from the typical ones usually available in different versions. It is convenient, simple to follow and does not actually involve hard and punishing routines that will sap you of all your energy.

One of the biggest benefits of the program is the fact that health of the individual improves with reduced weight and loss of fat. It goes without saying that obese people are always at a higher risk of disease and belly fat seems to be the toughest to get rid off, once it has anchored itself onto your midriff.

You need not hit the gym and compromise your work or business hours. While it is healthy and recommended to work out, the need to spend long hours just trying to get into shape may sometimes deprive you of quality time elsewhere. This program helps you to stay fit, without having to compromise on your time.

Thermogenic foods that offer specific dynamic action or SDA are scientifically proven to work. This program is founded on the basis of three different concepts that combine together for best results and dietary-induced thermogenesis is one among the powerful driving forces of the program that will speed up the rate of metabolism. The author claims that you can lose a pound overnight. While this may be slightly exaggerated, weight loss is indeed definitive and assured. You can actually boost your immune systems and will give you greater health, reinvigorating your body from its pale former self.

The money back guarantee is a good way to wrap the program in a guarantee. Any program that comes with a money back guarantee is definitely one that needs to be appreciated. Because as a user you know that if you do not find the results to be as per your expectations, you can always seek a refund. And the creator of a program who offers a refund is certainly one who is confident that his program will work. So this works well in two different ways.

Disadvantages of the program that you need to be informed about.

Any program or diet that involves the body should always be taken up after taking consent from your GP. Because, to put it quite simply, while any program will work smoothly for most of the people, a very small percentage of people will need to actually take a second opinion. This is safe, and this will certainly help overcome issues later.

The program is digital only. This means that you need to have an active connection and you also need to be comfortable in finding your way on the internet. Of course, this will not require a geek to operate, and with the simplified access, it should be pretty easy for anyone with basic skills in handling a connection. For those who do not possess basic skills of the internet, it would be a challenge, and they may seek the assistance of either their family members or friends.

Your effort is certainly a must. If you expect to take part in the program without lifting a finger or without making an effort, then you are surely in the wrong place. It is not a magic potion, it requires you to control your diet or rather follow a set pattern for four days in a week, while three days can be used to eat as you prefer.

Results are likely to vary from person to person. The claim of one pound loss overnight is certainly to be taken with a pinch of salt. That may not be actually possible. However, it is possible to see a significant loss of eight and shedding of flab. But here, it may differ from person to person and if you find that you do not receive the same results as claimed or as experienced by others, you need to be prepared to accept this variation in results.

Does the program offer additional inputs?

The program comes with a bonus offer where you get tips about food, and a focused effort to fight the most stubborn fat in your tummy. It is true that some people never seem to get rid of fat, despite trying everything. And these three bonus offerings will certainly help you to have a better shot at weight and fat loss. What you actually get is :

A list of food that will torch your belly fat – Now this is something of value by itself. To get it along with the program makes it special. Considering that such a concept is scientifically supported, you really would not find yourself ruing your choice.

A list of short effective exercises –Exercises certainly help in keeping fit and help to speed up the rate at which you get to see full results. However, most of the routines available are typically lengthy ones that take up a lot of time and effort. The bonus offering that comes with this program is entirely different. You will get to work out fast, in a short span less than five minutes to focus maximum results on the targeted part.

Controlling your eating habits when dining outside – This is very important for individuals who resort to binge eating for no reason. This is basically because of a habit of unhealthy eating when dining outside. With this program, you can actually get a grip on yourself and know how to regulate your eating so that you actually enjoy it without impacting your health adversely.


Online Reviews

The program has generated a lot of interest and debate among individuals in addition to becoming very popular. This is because of the ease with which the author claims weight and fat can be shed. Man and woman have equally tried their best to stay fit, and have tried out various combinations to get into shape. This simple method, therefore, came at the right time, helping people to get that ripped and taut look. It is simple, methodical, does not require too much of an effort and is based on hard facts.

Verdict – will it help you to shed fat or will it only separate you from your money?

You will certainly see results with the program. Although not to the extent that has been claimed by the author of the program, you can look forward to shedding weight and fat over a period of time. The slightly exaggerated claims are understandable, it is part of the hard sell options that individuals resort to, to get better sales prospects. Other than that, everything else with the program is fine. It is grounded in scientific basis, has proved itself and is simple to follow. And what’s more, there is a money back guarantee on it. You really have nothing to lose other than your weight and your fat. So, the verdict here is simple – go for it. With the results that you actually get, you can kickstart a more intense training program for even better results. Very often, it is the initial stages that are the most difficult. This will catapult you into a stage where you actually see improvements, and you can take it up from there to progress to levels you wish to achieve.